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Meniere’s and Allergies Research, Articles, and Resources

Meniere’s and Allergy Articles, Research and Resources 

Here are a series of links to many websites and studies that I found incredibly helpful for dealing with Meniere’s disease and allergies:

  • Upper Cervical Awareness and Hearing Loss Help – These two pages specifically address the relationship between a misaligned atlas bone (the topmost vertebrae) and how improper cervical bone neck alignment can cause Meniere’s symptoms. It describes how getting proper chiropractic adjustments of these bones can alleviate symptoms.
  • Australian Research Report that also explores the relationship between misaligned spinal and neck bones with Meniere’s.
  • Cervical Vertigo discusses vertigo that is caused by conditions of the neck and spine called cervicogenic vertigo and how to treat it.
  • Bangor Daily News – article on dizziness citing how it may come from neck and muscle joints rather than the inner ear. The neck structures most likely to cause vertigo are a muscle called the sternocleidomastoid and the uppermost joints of the spine and neck. Treatment is also discussed.
  • Two PubMed articles that indicate positive outcomes in patients with Meniere’s Disease who were treated for allergies: Allergic Management of Meniere’s Disease  and The Role of Allergy in Meniere’s Disease. There are also additional articles/studies linked in the citations of these articles.
  • Proposed Natural Treatment for Meniere’s – Another great resource outlining natural treatment for Meniere’s highlighting the association between Meniere’s and allergies.
  • Preventing Deafness and Restoring Hearing – This article is a success story linking diet and supplements to positive meniere’s relief. Here’s another pubmed article sighting vitamin D deficiencies in cochlear deafness.
  • Gluten Free Society – Brief article highlighting the link between vertigo or Meniere’s symptoms and allergic reactions.
  • The Raman Center– This site explains the relationship between Vertigo, TMJ, TMD and Meniere’s Disease and how it can be treated with proper jaw alignment.
  • Malocclusion and TMD/TMJ – explains the relationship between how the mouth/jaw can affect otherparts of the body and indicates symptoms of TMD/TMJ that are the same as Meniere’s.
  • Tinnitus Movement – This site addresses tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and has a number of helpful blog posts with suggestions to help reduce tinnitus.
  • Understanding Meniere’s Disease – I first stumbled upon this site while searching for natural ways to handle Meniere’s symptoms. There is an incredible amount of background in the body’s inflammatory response, the symptomologies that define Meniere’s, the relationship between Meniere’s and allergies,  and how to look for your own personal triggers.  There are also many success stories on people who have made positive changes in their lives and are now living symptom free!
  • Meniere’s Disease Foundation – This site has the popular “John from Ohio” regimen.  This site gave me a lot of insight and inspired me to start thinking about nutritional supplements and food as a way of handling Meniere’s in a natural way.  It also got me thinking about the role that allergies play in my particular case.
  • Jon Bongiourno – This guy has a great success story on his battle with Meniere’s which had an allergic component to it. Inspiring!
  • Mind Over Meniere’s – This site has a large list of possible treatments for Meniere’s disease. This site includes medical and non-medical suggestions.



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