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It’s all about that Veg

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Well, good morning to all of you!!  I love fall… there’s so much beauty in the changing of colors and I think fall is the BEST season for getting fresh produce and veggies.  Two of my favorites to get in abundance during this time of year are apples by the peck and squash.  We went to the pumpkin patch this weekend with my siblings and their families.  It was so much fun to see the assortment of pumpkins, squash and to just be able to take in the sights, sounds and smell of the season.  We picked fresh raspberries, two varieties of apples and of course, pumpkins. My son loved the cute little gourds and my daughters of course, had to go through the patch and find the perfect one to call their own.


Family time like this puts me in the mood for hot chocolate, spiked apple cider and a few pumpkin spice recipes.  Yeah, I know, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING is out right now and I’m not immune.  It’s not my favorite spice combo but I can’t resist creating a few recipes here and there that at least incorporate pumpkin in the name getting in that extra veg right?   I’m working on a fun recipe right now that’s less pumpkin spice and more maple-pumpkin wrapped in a cinnamon roll package. Hoping I can get it right to share with you soon!   

The first time I tried pumpkin it was in a pumpkin pie.  I hated it.  The texture, the overwhelming spices, everything but the crust was just, well, GROSS.   It’s still not a pie I would ever willingly consume.  Despite my first exposure to pumpkin, I’ve learned it’s actually quite tasty done the right way like adding it to a sauce or incorporating it into a baked good.   I mentioned in a recent post that I’ve collaborated with over 45 other food bloggers to give you an amazing digital cookbook called The Casual Veggie to help you find everyday recipes for all of your veggies and to find new ways to incorporate veggies into your daily mix.  For example, did you know you can substitute pureed squash or pumpkin for some of the tomatoes in sauces to add creaminess in many recipes?   Fun facts and inspiring ways to use a variety of 29 different veggies is part of what makes this cookbook so great. 

As part of preparing for the cookbook to launch on October 19th, I wanted to introduce you to the talents behind all of the recipes.  Below are links to my fellow food blogger friends whom I’ve been happy to collaborate with and create great recipes for all of you to enjoy.


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Will Cook For Friends


And with that, I leave you with a goofy pose from me and the hubs to bring a smile to your face…


Cheers to a happy fall and thanks for checking out my collaborative cookbook launch because, really,  it’s ALL about that veg!




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