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  • Hi Kari, I found your page today after a lovely little vertigo/vomiting attack at a customer’s house. Which I had to leave the job half done and get a lift home to rest. So I thought enough is enough.
    Time to do something about it.
    Your page is a wealth of knowledge.
    I’m going to take my diet seriously from now on and was just curious if you had any tips of how to. All my ENT tells me is keep active and low sodium diet. Are all your recipes low sodium? Anyway thanks again for the great page I will continue it front to back.

    • Hi Nathan, I can totally relate. I’ve had those types of nasty vertigo attacks at work too. So not fun! My ENT also had recommended a low sodium diet, keep active and to limit alcohol. After following that advise but not really changing the rest of my diet, I didn’t have much luck with healing – I honestly don’t think many mainstream doctors really know the effects of healthy eating has on Meniere’s because there aren’t any real studies on it. I truly started healing when I ditched most all of the processed food and starting eating real food 🙂 Whole foods have very little sodium so when I create my recipes, I only add enough salt to taste good plus you’re getting a TON of great nutrients to help your system and keep the Meniere’s in check. So I guess yes, in that sense, these recipes are low sodium. Another trick I do is to use a pink Himalayan salt. Lots more minerals to create the salty flavor so it tastes stronger meaning you can use less of it to get the same effect with lower sodium content. I have a lot of recommendations on my clean eating 101 page for how to get started eating better. If that doesn’t answer your questions on “how to” feel free to email me at In regards to your vitamin question, I typically have just taken the dosages recommended on the vitamin containers as there are some vitamins that you can get too much of (but most of them don’t have this issue). D3 is the exception… Since it’s winter here in MN, I currently take 5000mg daily of D3 along with a K2 supplement.

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