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Natural Solutions For Meniere’s Disease

My goal is to help others (maybe that’s you!) who are suffering from Meniere’s disease, severe allergies or other autoimmune conditions. The common denominator in all of these is inflammation. Eating clean and finding natural solutions to manage these has been my key to success. By eating clean, you minimize or eliminate the foods or external allergens/toxins that could be contributing to inflammation thereby reducing or even eliminating symptoms. The important thing through all of this is to listen to your body. Only YOU know when something is affecting you. The catch is to find it and until you do, don’t stop looking for the root cause. This is true for all ailments really. It truly is the only way you’ll find the key combinations to help you heal. Some of you, like me, might be able to discontinue the use of all prescription medications. Others, may find a balance between natural methods (including clean eating) and a small amount of medications. The moral of the story is to do what works for you and be your own advocate.

Here’s the “short” list of things I’ve tried in an effort to improve my Meniere’s and allergy symptoms as I’ve mentioned that these are interrelated. I’ve read studies that indicate  upwards of about 80% of Meniere’s sufferers have an allergic component that triggers their symptoms so these solutions are inclusive of both Meniere’s symptoms and how they relate to allergies. I have additional allergy solutions here.  I’ve included a brief description as to why these could work for you, and if it worked or didn’t work for me. Remember, each of you is an individual and the root cause for your symptoms may differ from mine. Just because something wasn’t as successful as I’d like it be, it’s definitely worth exploring to see if it’s a solution for you. Each experience led me to new conclusions and directed a new path for me to explore, ultimately leading me to a place where I feel I am FINALLY beginning to heal and manage both Meniere’s disease and allergies in a positive, permanent way.

Healing with Food

This by far the BEST and most consistent method I’ve found of helping your body heal and manage symptoms of Meniere’s and allergies. By eating a more whole foods diet, you give your body the nourishment it needs to start the healing process. Your body is already programmed to know how to heal itself, it just needs the proper tools. Many diseases (like Meniere’s) are rooted in inflammation which can stem from multiple sources but are often instigated by what we eat resulting in a permeable gut lining. A permeable intestinal lining can cause inflammation and food sensitivities among other things. Non-pharmaceutical approaches like eating clean, getting plenty of probiotics and avoiding inflammatory foods may have significant downstream effects in repairing damaged intestinal lining thereby reducing inflammation. Your body will then be able to focus on what’s important and function at its optimum level. This is a very good thing.

To jump start your healing, I’d recommend doing a 30 day food challenge called the Whole30 (book available here).  Some of you may also be interested in a temporary  restrictive way of eating called the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP for short) which is specifically aimed at healing autoimmune disorders (like Meniere’s) with nutrient dense foods.

Low(er) Sodium Diet

I would also suggest to lower your sodium to at least a normal range of 2000-2500 mg per day. This will come naturally as you progress to a more whole foods and unprocessed way of eating. I personally don’t do a specific low-sodium diet (less than 1500 mg per day) as it didn’t do good things to my body. Some people do have great results going low sodium so I do recommend trying it to see if it helps you. For info on how to navigate a low sodium diet and my experience, check out my page regarding the Low Sodium Diet for Meniere’s.

Get a good ENT (Otolaryngologist) 

An ENT who is supportive of your ideas and can intelligently converse about different options that might work for you is indispensable. I often bring ideas I’ve researched to my doctor (some conventional and some more alternative) and discuss with him. He is always supportive and will do additional research if he doesn’t have the background in a given area of a natural healing method to be sure he has no objections in the rare event that it could do me harm. If he has other suggestions, he mentions them to me as well. I, in turn, listen and will often try his suggestions. The decision on how to treat my Meniere’s symptoms is ultimately mine and he supports it fully.

Myringotomy (ear tubes) – My ENT had suggested placing an ear tube in my left ear (the one with definite Meniere’s) while I was pregnant with my son. It worked WONDERS. Almost instantaneously, the pressure was gone and I had a restored sense of balance. It was a Godsend. I would highly recommend talking to your ENT about this procedure if you have dizziness daily and are looking for another way to avoid drug therapy.

Vestibular Rehabilitation – Simply stated, you gotta keep moving. Movement keeps your vestibular system in tune by forcing it to continue learning and negotiating balance. There are formal programs that your ENT can suggest for this but I opted not to do the formal therapy. Instead, I purchased an Xbox 360 with Kinnect (a device where you control the gaming system with your body movements) and got a few games like sports and Zumba that require continual movement. Yoga or Tai Chi are also great balance and movement related activities. Another thing I’ve recently been doing is to jump on a trampoline that we bought for the kids. Plus it’s fun and good exercise!  I do believe that practicing movement (especially when I’m mildly off balance) really helps my system figure out what to do with those mixed movement signals and consequently, I end up feeling less dizzy than I started and over time have noticed my balance is improving. Of course, if you’re in the midst of a more significant spell of vertigo, lay down and wait it out. Moving when you feel like that is just gonna make you barf. Nobody wants to do that.

Look into Chiropractic 

I had read in numerous reports that a correctly aligned spine, namely in the top few vertebrae was incredibly important for proper inner ear and sinus function and for your system to handle allergens. The first x-ray I had at my initial chiropractic appointment indicated some spinal subluxation (misalignment) and a severe backwards curve of a negative 7 degrees at the neck. A fully functionally normal spine is supposed to be at a positive 45 degrees neck curve. Yikes. Fast forward a few years and my spine is nearly straight in its vertical alignment and my neck curve is nearly 35 degrees in the positive direction which is a SIGNIFICANT improvement. The nerves are no longer being squished and can now operate near normal. I do believe that a good portion of my improvement in dizziness, ear ringing, and dealing with allergies (all controlled by the function of nerves in the upper few vertebrae and atlas bone) is due to a properly aligned spine. My chiropractor has also been a huge influence in educating me on the effects of clean eating.

Find an Allergist

For anyone with Meniere’s or severe allergies, I suggest finding an allergist who listens to you and is enthusiastic about your healing. This is important as studies show there is a very strong link between those having Meniere’s also having allergies either seasonal or food related. Allergies are often a source of inflammation and for those of us with Meniere’s, that inflammation ends up in our inner ear/sinuses and causes the symptoms identifiable as Meniere’s disease. I can’t live without my allergist, seriously. He is ultimately the cornerstone who started this little seed of clean eating in my mind and helped it grow to its full healing potential. With his guidance, I was able to cut out all allergy medications and I underwent immunotherapy shots once a month for about 5 years and they have helped me tenfold. In part because of this therapy, I can now clean my house without experiencing serious allergic reactions and dizziness due to my dust allergies. My allergist also was the key to finding a great ENT who would work with me and my natural solutions.


Have an Evaluation done for TMJ

TMJ and Meniere’s share a number of symptoms and as a result, many TMJ sufferers are misdiagnosed with Meniere’s. Much in the same manner that a spinal misalignment in the upper cervical vertebrae can cause vertigo and poor nerve operation in the ears, the same is true with misalignment of bones and structures in your jaw even if you don’t have jaw pain. It’s worth getting an evaluation from a TMJ specialist to see if this may be the root cause of your symptoms. If so, treatment for TMJ may be part of the answer to significantly reduce your symptoms.

Craniosacral Therapy or Endonasal Cranial Correction

These are big words that just mean bringing your cranial (head) bones and sinus bones into alignment. Misalignment in these bones or the aforementioned, upper spinal or jaw bones, can cause Meniere’s symptoms so it’s important to be evaluated for misalignment in this arena as well especially if you’ve already checked your spinal and jaw alignment. I already know I have a deviated septum (part of the cranial and sinus structure) which could be causing some of my Meniere’s issues. I have yet to pursue treatment as I’ve found a happy place for now but it’s an option for the future, for sure. Some of this can be corrected with craniosacral therapy or via other endonasal cranial correction methods.


Overall a positive experience. I was originally hoping that it would help eliminate my Meniere’s symptoms but it didn’t. That’s okay. The use of acupuncture did permanently eliminate the carpal tunnel I had developed in my right hand. Acupuncture is significantly helpful when I have an impending sinus infection. Thankfully, through eating clean, I haven’t had that happen in a LONG time.

Food and Environmental Exposures Journal 

If you have Meniere’s disease (or any other autoimmune disease including allergies) it’s important to figure out what triggers the onset of symptoms or creates an increase in your symptoms. To do this is pretty easy but it is time consuming. Get a notebook and for a month, document the foods you eat, the products you put on your body (lotions/laundry detergents/deodorant), the weather conditions, and the other environmental items you are exposed to like the perfume counter in a dept store, being outside during allergy season, being in a library that has old musty/dusty books. Also be sure to document any symptoms each day at multiple times of day. From this, you can start to see a pattern. For me, I noticed I got itchy eyes and congestion resulting in an uptick of Meniere’s symptoms after being in a library reading old books or cleaning my house. From there, I figured out I was probably allergic to dust. An allergy test confirmed this. I also learned from this experience that not all reactions happen immediately after exposure as is the case with food sensitivities. An allergic reaction will typically happen within a few hours of being exposed but a sensitivity can occur up to 3 or 4 days later. For me, my tendency to react to dairy happened about 6 hours after ingesting and caused tingling sinuses, congestion, an increase in ear ringing and ear fullness which then occasionally caused Meniere’s vertigo. This would last about a day if I had a large amount of dairy and then would gradually subside. If you have suspected food sensitivities, I strongly recommend an elimination diet to find out for sure what is causing them. This is the gold standard in the allergy world for determining food sensitivities.

Biofeedback Therapy

The therapy I tried is called Nano SRT and it involves mini electric impulses fed to and from your body to discover sensitivities that may be causing your Meniere’s or allergy symptoms and lessen your response to them. I do think this has helped me but hasn’t fully healed my allergies. I can finally have the windows open during allergy season which I hadn’t been able to do in many years. I also had my son do this and he can now eat green peppers without breaking out in hives. He still tests positive for peanut and almond so I haven’t tried to give them those food items yet but the therapy has seemed to eliminate the allergic response he used to have for green peppers. Another method of biofeedback that I have heard of but have not personally tried is NAET. I’ve read a number of testimonials indicating success. Might be worth trying.

Essential Oils

I use essential oils for making cleaning solutions, homemade deodorant and for health. There are so many helpful oils out there and each has a different purpose. If you’d like a reference book, this one is the one I have and use regularly. For the purpose of sinus congestion due to allergies or a cold, I combine a few drops of lemon eucalyptus, and peppermint oil with a few drops of carrier oil such as almond oil and massage onto my temples, the sides of my face near your jaw/ear intersection and on my neck/chest. This helps open airways and encourage drainage of your sinuses. Less pressure in my sinuses means less pressure in my ears which for me, means less dizziness. YAY!

Oil Pulling

This is an old Ayurvedic remedy that helps clear your sinuses. To do this, take a spoonful of oil (I use coconut oil but you can use sesame or olive oil too) and swish it in your mouth for 10-20 minutes and then spit it out into the trash. The idea is that the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath and oral health issues cling to the oil and are then discarded rather than swallowed. I do this from time to time and can say it definitely makes your mouth feel cleaner and I have noticed that my sinuses drain more effectively after oil pulling which may be just due to the mechanics of moving your jaw to swish. It is also possible that the lessening of bacteria in your mouth leads to less bacteria in your sinuses by virtue that they are connected and therefore can avoid sinus infection.There are some other claims that oil pulling has positive effects beyond oral health but I can’t attest for that. Really, there’s nothing bad that can come of oil pulling so why not check it out?

Sinus Steaming

This is an easy tool for helping clean out your sinuses. I personally can’t use a neti-pot or similar sinus rinses as I notice I get dizzy soon after doing so (possibly from the pressure change of having the solution poured into my sinuses??). Therefore, I sought out another method of clearing sinuses that didn’t include putting liquids up my nose. Sinus steaming is simple. Get a cup of water and heat it to steaming. You can add a few drops of a disinfecting essential oil if you want such as oregano or tea tree oil. Then sit at the table with the cup in front of you and lean your head over the cup close enough that you can feel the steam entering your sinuses when you breathe in. It helps to drape a towel over your head to create a little sauna effect. I’ve found that this not only helps to dislodge any congestion but also is meditative and stress relieving. All wins in my book!


There are a few supplements that I strongly believe in to support Meniere’s disease. I think the best place to gain nutrients is through food but sometimes you need a little help. Below I’ve listed a few reported benefits of each supplement. I don’t take all of these all the time but the top five are a daily thing for me.  Note that these listed often have many more health benefits but I’ve specifically highlighted the reasons they may work for Meniere’s.

  • Whole Food Multi-Vitamin – this is a great place to start to be sure you’re getting a well-rounded and synergistic assortment of necessary vitamins.
  • Vitamin D3 – this is an immune system superhero being anti-viral and anti-inflammatory among other things. A number of studies show that optimizing your vitamin D3 levels has a profound effect on health. Some have even suggested that hearing loss can be reversed or at least prevented. I have found that spending more time in the sun (without sunscreen!!) has helped me a lot as your body naturally makes D3 but during the winter months, I supplement with vitamin D3.
  • Vitamin K2 – if you’re supplementing with D3, you’ll create a need for additional K2 so I take this in combination with D3 when I supplement. K2 is fat soluble and works synergistically with D3 and calcium to aid in absorption.
  • Vitamin C – another immune system powerhouse. Is also anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. There are some whose Meniere’s can be caused by a viral inflammation such as herpes in the inner ear. This can help immensely in those cases.
  • Magnesium –studies have shown to prevent against hearing loss and even help correct noise related hearing loss. I’ve noticed that the ringing in my ears is significantly lower when I’m regularly taking magnesium and I also feel much less off balance.  This one is a must-have for me!
  • Calcium – helps the nervous system work more effectively.
  • Fish Oil/Krill Oil – contains omega 3’s which are linked to improved immunity and reduces symptoms of autoimmune diseases, and decreases inflammation.
  • NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) – powerful antioxidant targeting the neural system. Helps heal damaged cells (there have been studies indicating that this can help repair hearing loss), reduces inflammation and regenerates liver function which is important for detoxification.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – anti-inflammatory and has a strong ability to neutralize effects of oxidative stress particularly in its ability to promote healthy nerve function.
  • L-Glutamine – this little guy aids in muscle repair. The reason I include this one is to help repair a potentially damaged intestinal lining. Many studies point to this damage being responsible for the development of new allergies/sensitivities particularly to food. So healing this lining is critical for the elimination or minimizing of food sensitivity symptoms and therefore minimizing Meniere’s vertigo for me.
  • Ginger Root – great for nausea/motion sickness which is why I take it for Meniere’s. Ginger root also fights inflammation and can boost circulation. Also relieves bloating and other digestive issues.
  • Garlic Oil – supports a healthy immune system. Garlic has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties making it ideal for anyone with immune issues. Take this as a capsule or just eat more garlic with your food.
  • L-Lysine – anti-viral in nature so can help for those with Meniere’s symptoms that may be caused by a viral infection. It didn’t do anything for me so I concluded that the triggers for my symptoms were not viral. Worth trying though!
  • Beta Glucans – boosts immune system through its ability to help fight infections both bacterial and viral. It can help prevent future infections as well.
  • Grape Seed Extract – high in polyphenols and bioflavanoids which are potent antioxidants. This has anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and anti-microbial properties.
  • Citrus Bioflavanoids – antioxidant that improves capillary permeability to allow nutrients to get to the organs and tissues they need to get to and improves blood flow due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ginko Biloba – improves circulation which in turn promotes proper cell growth and organ function. Poor circulation has been known to be a cause of Meniere’s symptoms. This one actually made me feel worse so I discontinued its use but it could work for you.
  • Vinpocetine – improves circulation which in turn promotes proper cell growth and organ function. Poor circulation has been known to be a cause of Meniere’s symptoms.**before you take any supplements, be sure you consult a professional on any dosages and to ensure they do not interact unfavorable with any other supplements or medications that you are taking. Also, if you take a multi-vitamin, check that the dosage in the multivitamin combined with any additional supplement does not exceed the recommended dosage.

** as always, check with a professional (or be sure you do your research!!) before adding herbal supplements to be sure they do not interact with any medications or other supplements you are currently taking.

Reduce or Eliminate Ongoing Medications

I wouldn’t recommend this without a few months of eating clean under your belt and with a doctor’s guidance. The biggest thing that got me thinking (and over the fear) about doing this was the fact that pharmaceuticals are intended to STOP a naturally occurring reaction in your body – a reaction that is supposed to happen in order to protect you. Medications are essentially a toxin that interferes with your body’s God-given natural responses. This may or may not be a good thing. Take antihistamines for example…. Your body is naturally supposed to produce more mucous when you come into contact with a foreign invader like a virus, thereby causing sneezing and post-nasal drip and potentially congestion. These reactions are unpleasant but they simultaneously prevent the entrance of additional virus by causing congestion and flush out the existing by moving mucous around. Years of taking an antihistamine (in my case) left me open to a full on assault of these invaders even though they were innocuous pollens and ultimately made my condition WORSE. Having the drug in my system allowed none of the natural processes to happen and eventually caused problems with my personal biome of healthy gut bacteria thereby causing inflammation and a permeable intestinal lining. This in turn caused an increase in allergic responses and increased food sensitivities resulting in a higher frequency of Meniere’s episodes.  It also caused my body to ramp up its reaction to pollens to overcome the effects of the OTC antihistamines. So I quit taking any and all allergy medicines. I also was able to discontinue my use of a diuretic for Meniere’s disease. I finally decided to try eliminating it after I accidently forgot it one day and actually felt better. I figured, I can’t really feel much worse (I was dizzy nearly every day at that point) so if I do, I’ll resume taking it again. At this point, I had been taking this drug for nearly 15 years so I was surprised to discover that not taking it made me feel much better. My point is, not all drugs are going to do you a favor. It’s up to you to determine what drugs have a higher benefit to risk ratio and only continuing those which you feel are truly benefiting you.



Well there you have it, my “short list” of what works for me and continues to make my life better.  I hope you can find a few solutions that help you as well. Want more resources? I have a meniere’s and allergy resource page specifically dedicated to a list of other websites and articles that I have researched and found helpful in my quest for healing.Please drop me a note if you have questions or if any of these suggestions also worked for you!  In health ~ Kari


Note: this page contains affiliate links. Thanks!

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32 thoughts on “Natural Solutions For Meniere’s Disease”

    • Yes unfortunately I do. It’s been constant tinnitus in my left ear (the one with definite Meniere’s) since I was about 19 and my right ear is nearly constant but significantly softer but fluctuates to be quite loud if I misbehave and eat foods that are my triggers or have high seasonal allergies going on. I’ve found that magnesium supplements specifically help the tinnitus to be less loud and annoying for me but it never completely goes away. Not sure that it ever will but I keep trying!

  • Thanks Kari,
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us…
    I have same issue and i thing that your idea and your solutions help me out.

    Thank you again….

    ## God bless you ##

  • Hi Kari. Thank you for you advice. I also suffer with MD and am looking for alternatives to help with my frequent attacks lately. I cut sodium out of my diet, I eat healthy (no MSG, ext) that are bad for MD. I was given an ototoxic prescription that I think has also damaged my vestibular nerve. My question to you is of all the vitamins you have listed, are there one’s you take regular on a day to day basis or start and stop?

    I found that the Ginko Biloba (liquid form w/ water) helped my with an attack yesterday along with peppermint essential oils diluted with a carrier oil. I put dabs behind my ear and after a couple hours, my attack lessened and I felt pretty good the rest of the day.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • Hi Heidi! I’m so sorry that the ototoxic drug caused damaged. Unfortunately, I believe that’s how they function is by destroying certain mechanisms in our ears. Glad the gingko is working for you. As for me, the peppermint oil and helicrysum oil works well and I too dab it behind my ears as you do and taking ginger when I feel an onset of being off balance helps as well. I take the first five vitamins on the list above daily or I take a whole foods multivitamin that has all of those in it plus additional vitamin D3 in the winter months. The rest of the vitamins I take in the spring when my allergies are high or if I’ve been starting to feel less than “normal” for me. The only ones I don’t take ever anymore are the L-lysine and gingko as those just didn’t do anything for me. Thanks for getting in touch!

  • I’ve been suffering since thanksgiving the doctor’s don’t know went to the ent he said my vestibular nerve was fine I can’t walk right driving scares me I’ve had several bouts of veritgo in the past I can’t focus my stomach is constantly queasy I’ve found that I’m fatigued sounds lights and Scents make it worse stress and two jobs have taken it toll need help

  • Do you take each of those supplements listed above separately? Can you get them combined? I’d like to give this a try to see if it relieves any of my symptoms.

    • Hi Mary, I haven’t found them in a nice combined version yet so I usually take them individually. Otherwise, I take a multivitamin and then only take the ones separately that are NOT included in the multi. Hope you find a few of the supplements that help – it was a lot of trial and see how I feel with most of them until I found the perfect combo for me 🙂

  • Great recommendations. I just started Whole30 Sunday and hope it helps with the pressure and tinnitus. My vertigo has been at bay for about 6 months this time – seems like my system is figuring out ways to counter the effects. I was reluctant to try a chiropractor but after your description, I think it makes sense to incorporate that into my health plan. Looking forward to trying some of your recipes. 🙂

  • Hi Kari ! Could u pls tell me if the deafness in the left ear has got eliminated or still persists in your case? this a permanent condition? Thank u in advance.

    • Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog! Unfortunately, the deafness still persists in my left ear. I can hear loud noises but can’t recognized speech on that side during a hearing test. It has improved since I began eating better because there isn’t the loud ringing or persistent inflammation to interfere with my ear function but I do think that most of it is permanent. My testing indicates that the nerves have been damaged on my left side and therefore won’t regain full function 🙁

      • Sorry to hear that even your nerves have been damaged. Still m glad u’ve found ur passion.. Its really commendable!
        Also, here in India, many doctors don’t at all know bout meniere’s. Its highly difficult to explain them the issues I face. I’ve been under medication fr about a year & a half. But the symptoms r only n only getting worse. Anyways, I’ll try n follow the suggestions given by you.
        I just hope doctors find a permanent solution to completely cure meniere’s someday..

  • Thank you for this information!! I have been dealing with Meneires once 2010 official diagnosis, but had it for many years before being diagnosed. Since moving states o had three good years and now am once again dealing with vertigo often, I need to find a better doctor like you had that will listen and help with allergy diagnosis as I am certain allergies are the main factor along with my eating after reading this I am now even more certain of it.

    • Hi Robin! I sincerely hope you can find a doc that is open to listening and working with you. It was a long struggle for me to find one. The first one I was with told me there was no way my issues could be allergies and that it was basically just all in my head – it was just beyond her comprehension I guess 🙂 Turns out, the inflammation was indeed caused by allergies and was pressing on my balance and auditory nerve causing most of the symptoms. You have to be your own health advocate and I’ve learned that if I suspect something is true (like my allergies being a main driver for Meniere’s symptoms), I’m often right. Trust your own instincts and keep looking for answers. Since you mention that you think your symptoms are also allergy related, I’d advise going to an allergist and getting tested for seasonal allergies to see if that’s the culprit. They often can’t test for food allergies but you can do an elimination diet challenge to remove common allergenic foods from your diet for a month and slowly reintroduce one at a time. That seems to be the “Gold Standard” for confirming food allergies. That way you’ll also know if it’s food related and which foods may be causing the problem. Cheers and good luck in your journey!

      • Thank you! I have scheduled an appointment with a credible allergist here and am definitely willing to do the good elimination to see what goods may also be triggers. I have found good doctors that want to truly help seem to be getting more difficult to find these days, but am certain I will find myself one that will listen. I appreciate your help very much! ? I refuse to let this keep me down. Best wishes for you too Kari ?

  • Dear Kari: Reading this article was devastating and hopeful at the same. I never hear about MD in my life, I went to the hospital two weeks ago. Sever vertigo, vomit, ringing on my ears, loss 100% hearing on my left side (they say is not coming back and ringing will not go away……?) After 4 days on the hospital they told me I have MD. I suffered 2 stokes 2 years ago, and first I thought could be related. After reading your article I guess it is something that I will have for life and will never go away, I will always walk around with the fear of an attack….. but you also provided A LOT of good suggestions to make my life manageable….thank you

    • Hi Jessica, Thanks for reaching out to me! MD is such a troublesome issue and it is really overwhelming when it starts happening and you have no idea what’s going on. I sincerely hope some of my suggestions can help you find a way to manage your symptoms and make life manageable. Hugs to you!

  • Here lately my vertigo has gotten much better, however I’m now having migraines quite often.
    Do you know of a good way to help lessen the migraine issue?

    • Hi Derrick! Cheers to less vertigo! Migraines are not fun however 🙁 Have you decreased caffeine suddenly or have allergies right now? I don’t know a ton about migraines as I don’t often get them except during high allergy season. I have heard that magnesium supplements, riboflavin (vitamin B2) and CoQ10 helps. When I get headaches, I rub my temples with a drop of peppermint essential oil and lavender. My sister swears that putting a cool washcloth on her forehead while soaking her feet in a hot water Epsom salt (magnesium) bath alleviate hers but I’ve never tried that personally. I wish you luck!

  • Your blog is amazing Kari. And you are so postive. I had MD some years ago and was lucky that the symptoms went away after a time. However, they have come back again with different versions of misery attached. I now seem to have a cold for the past two weeks and it could be allergies as you mentioned. I try to eat healthily, as I am also trying to lose weight at the moment too. But love my chocolate. And I know that chocolate gives me the full head feeling. Interesting comments about dairy. I use skimmed milk but may try green tea and give up chocolate for a while. Thanks again for your inspiration. Hoe you are well at this time.

    • Ann, thank you for your kind comments, I really appreciate it 🙂 I too still get symptomatic when I catch a cold. I hope you continue to get better and wish you all the best!

  • Hi kari
    My name is tehseen from pakistan I have swear menieres diseases Virgo feel depth shaking every time I m worried about .I m house wife due to over burden I m tired .I m hopeless now I have carpal tunnel syndrome also and muscle problem can u help me what should I do pls

    • Hi Tehseen, I’m happy to meet you! You are not alone. It’s tough being a housewife with all of the responsibility. My first recommendation to you would be to be sure you’re getting enough rest and eating healthy foods. If you’re not getting enough sleep and rest it can cause anxiety like you mention with the shaking and more worry. You could also try meditation to help you feel more in control. If you have older children or other family members that can help you feel less over burdened, maybe you could ask them to help you out more. Lack of sleep/rest can also aggravate meniere’s symptoms and add to the vertigo. I used to have carpal tunnel and I found that acupuncture treatment helped get rid of the carpal tunnel. Otherwise, I see you found my natural solutions page for meniere’s disease so I would recommend trying some of those things and seeing if they help you out as well with the vertigo. Hugs to you and I pray you find answers for healing as well.

  • Great information! Thanks for sharing. My doctor recently told me that I have MD due to my symptoms. I am trying the lifestyle change and eating clean before taking any prescriptions. I prefer to try the natural way first. I have been getting some ear pain on my left ear which is the affected ear. The whole right side aches and even the right side of my throat hurts. Any recommendations for the ear ache, throat pain and pressure? I was thinking maybe some garlic ear drops would be helpful but I am afraid that any type of ear drops, might worsen it. Any thoughts?


    • Hi Madellyn, thanks for the note! I think you’ll find that lifestyle changes and eating clean will help a lot. Do you have sinus congestion and drainage that might be causing the pressure and throat pain? I get a sore throat anytime my sinuses drain down the back of my throat. I’ve had luck with garlic ear drops for ear infections but have never tried it for anything else. You can also take a garlic supplement instead of drops in your ear. That should also help if you have a bacterial or viral thing going on. Goldenseal is a natural antibiotic that I’ve found helpful too. Sinus steaming might also help alleviate some of the pressure.

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