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Each category page listed below has images and links to items that I use regularly and love!

Books.  Research and reading helped me find my way through the beginning stages of a clean eating lifestyle as well as managing my Meniere’s disease. These selections were the ones I found most helpful in my adventures. I’ve also included a few garden books that I love for all of you green thumbs.

Cookbooks.  In addition to the amazing recipes found on my site, these cookbooks are special exclusive collections that I’ve either been a collaborator on or am the sole author.  

Clean Living. A critical part of my lifestyle and allergy management has been living clean. To me, this means using all natural cleaning items (or making them), using essential oils for minor ailments and reducing my carbon footprint by using reusable containers for homemade beauty items. You’ll find all of these supplies here!

Gardens, Canning and Backyard Chickens.  I LOVE to garden and I LOVE my little backyard mini-farm as I call it. If you’re the type who loves to garden and preserve your bounty, this is the spot to find all things related to those endeavors, including raising chickens!

Kitchen Gadgets. Who doesn’t want to make their life easier in the kitchen?? I’m not usually a gadget girl but all of these gadgets and tools are ones that I personally use and love. No useless items on this list!

The Pantry: Ingredients and Other Food Items. I use a lot of adventurous ingredients in my cooking. Some things can easily be found in major grocery chains now that the shift to a wholesome whole foods style of clean eating is becoming more popular. Sometimes, it’s cheaper or at least less headache to shop for these pantry items online so this collection of goodies I’ve compiled for your convenience to help save money and make clean eating just a bit easier.

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