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I am so excited to be able to offer these cookbooks and meal plans to all of you. In addition to the amazing recipes found on my site, these cookbooks and meal plans are special exclusive collections that I’ve either been a collaborator on or am the sole author.  

28 Day Clean Eating Challenge

The 28 Day Clean Eating Challenge is a 28 day all inclusive meal plan I have created in partnership with the awesome team at!

Knowing how to fuel your body with high quality whole foods is an important skill that anyone can learn. With this 28 day meal plan, I’ve created a foolproof framework for an entire month of healthy eating so you can experience your full potential through eating clean and learn how to incorporate clean eating into your routine after the challenge. In this plan, I’ve done all of the hard work for you. I’ve created a menu of nutritionally balanced meals, calculated the nutritional data for each meal and each day, and put together the shopping lists to take to the store for each week. The meal plan takes into account using leftovers which results in little to no food waste and keeps you on budget. For those with busy schedules, I’ve also had you in mind! I have made lunches easier by utilizing leftovers or have created lunch meals that can mostly be prepared in advance.

Who is this meal plan designed for?

  • Active individuals looking to directly experience how eating clean can benefit them.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to season and make delicious foods using clean ingredients.
  • Athletes and non-athletes alike who wish to learn more about a clean eating lifestyle and how to apply this knowledge during and after the challenge.
  • Note: if you have specific dietary needs based on heavy athletic training, this plan can still be used for the basic clean eating guidelines and serve as a nutritional starting point for meals. You may need to alter to fit your higher specific calorie and macronutrient needs.

What this meal plan includes:

  • Delicious menu of what to eat for 4 full weeks, 3 meals a day, plus snacks and optional desserts.
  • Recipes and instructions for each meal with photographs.
  • Calorie counts and macronutrient numbers per meal and also a tallied total for the day.
  • Shopping list by week and pantry items used for the week.
  • Online support throughout the meal plan via email or via Facebook messenger by connecting with me on the Cooking Up Clean Facebook page.


What you will learn:

  • Which foods are considered clean eating and how to eat clean, each day, every day.
  • The knowledge of how to put together meals so you can continue eating clean after the challenge.
  • How to make better and more nutritious food choices whether you’re at home, at work or out to eat.
  • Awareness of what you’re eating.
  • The understanding and ability to make food choices based on how food affects your body.
  • How to plan ahead. Making food from scratch takes time and effort. I’ll share with you my tips to make it easier and keep motivated in the kitchen.
  • How to eat clean on a budget. I’ve included tips on how to shop and stay on budget within this meal plan which you can use well beyond this challenge.

What this meal plan ISN’T:

  • No supplements or additional vitamins needed. You’ll just be eating real, wholesome food.
  • This is not a plan for weight loss. Learning how to eat clean in a nutritionally balanced way and discovering how food makes you feel is the first step to later being able to minimize what you eat in order for weight loss to happen. You may, however, experience some weight loss on this plan depending on what your eating style was prior to beginning this challenge.
  • This meal plan is anything but boring. My plan includes the most flavorful combinations to keep you motivated and excited for your next meal. No plain boiled chicken being served here.

Empower yourself with the knowledge on how to eat clean and it will be one of the best decisions you can make for your future. Eating clean has changed me and my family in so many positive ways. It makes me happy. I want that feeling for everyone as they take on a cleaner eating style and I look forward to hearing about all of your experiences.

Clicking on this image below will take you to my page on the Breaking Muscle site where you can purchase this detailed plan!




The Casual Veggie

The Casual Veggie …This is an awesome collaborative cookbook from almost 50 food bloggers containing 166 different recipes featuring 29 different vegetables,  some you may have never heard of!   This collection of recipes is perfect for that moment that you have an abundance of squash, or cucumber, or tomatoes and aren’t sure exactly what to do with it… or maybe you just want to try something new!

The digital cookbook is easy to use on a desktop computer or mobile device.  It is formatted for use on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet so you can take it into your kitchen and has easy to navigate pages that allow you to jump directly to the recipe from the table of contents or the chapter pages.  It also features a black and white version of the recipe perfect for fast printing. It’s available for $18 by clinking on the image below or the title link above.  I hope you enjoy this amazing resource filled with great helpful hints as well as I enjoyed helping create it!


Note: When you order through these affiliate links, I do receive a small commission that helps put food on my table and on the blog. This helps offset the cost of my recipe development while the price is the same for you. I appreciate your support!


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